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Raise production values and reduce the labor required to produce feature rich professional live content, by combining the  vast capabilities of vMix live production software and the powerful scripting and title management features of Automation for vMix.   Manage the automated play-out of content for TV channels to a schedule, with automatic program guide management.

  • Having quick and simple ways to manage titles and play-out of pre-recorded content is essential for any live production, be it broadcast live, or live recorded.

  • Automation for vMix includes features which enable a producer to quickly and simply manage the credit roll and lower thirds.  For sportscasts, title management includes a very fast method to create titles on the fly for player substitutions.  It can also manage scores and scoreboard titles - with changing data on the fly.

  • Even if you don't broadcast 24-7, the scheduler can be a great way to manage titles for conference speakers and automatic management of the conference schedule.

  • Automate the insertion of commercials and sponsor banners, logos and messages during production using the powerful recurring scheduling functions combined with scripting.

  •  Create digital signage, manage big screens, control DMX lighting and multiple vMix systems in symphony, all at the touch of a button.

Automation Software for Producers and Broadcasters

Just some of the Features:

  • New graphical interface (v2)
  • Built to work with vMix Live production software.
  • Advanced Scheduler.
  • "Schedule Folders" - new in v2 - easy to use.
  • Control Scripting System.
  • Title Management (upgraded in v2).
  • Automatic Programme Guide and TV Guide (v2).
  • Automatic Camera Switching based on Audio Sources.
  • Auto Audio Ducking (Automation v2)
  • Control DMX lighting and other devices.
  • Fault Tolerance - Automatic  detection and handling.
  • Control of Redundant Systems.
  • Integration with Data providers - eg. for Weather Info.
  • Support for X-Keys Control Surfaces.
  • Call Talkback IFB Console - updated in v2.

Obtaining the software

Obtain the latest build here:

v2 is currently in development, but it is now the recommended version.

Automation for vMix v2 is now FREEware!

" It's like having a production team! "

Facebook Learning and Support forum:

Possible Use Cases:

  • 24-7 TV and Radio Stations / Webcasting
  • TV Production
  • Conferences
  • Exhibits
  • Digital Signage
  • Venue Management​