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On this page we have provided some resources to try and help to get started with Automation for vMix v2.  - See links above.

Intro to version 2 and "Schedule Folders":  We've tried to simplify the creation of a TV schedule so that no scripting or other knowledge of Automation is required.  Schedule Folders enable a simple drag-and-drop set-up.  By simply naming folders with a time and day and then placing the relevant video file(s) into the folder, you can create a basic schedule in under an hour.   If a number of files are in the folder, they will be played in sequence, to fill the time available.  Optionally "filler" content may be added to fill the gaps between programmes.  Station Ident and Bumpers between videos are also supported.  Commercials may be scheduled during play-out.  Live shows may also be scheduled.

Spreadsheet templates (Blank Schedule and Blank Titles):  If you're wanting to have more control, or wishing to use the title management features, these are the spreadsheet layouts required for setting up a schedule and/or title management.   Open these and use the  drop-down menus to select FILE / Make a Copy and store them in your own Google account.  In order to use these sheets, you will need to click the green "share" button in the top right hand corner of each sheet, after you have made a copy.   Then select 'share with anyone who has the link' and 'get shareable link'.  This will make the sheet accessible to Automation.   Copy the link for each sheet into the appropriate box in the Settings tab in the Admin Tool and then click SAVE.  Note that it is not necessary to use any spreadsheets if you do not need these features. 

Some of automation's features are entirely accessible through the Graphical User Interface and more GUI tools are in the pipeline.   

We're close to shooting some 'Getting Started' and 'How-To' type videos.  Please watch this space for more info.


Getting Started with Automation for vMix v2

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