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vMix is available in several different versions, to suit every budget.   Please see here for comparison table.


Please note that vMix is an Australian product so prices may fluctuate with exchange rates.  We will quote you the best price for the day, before purchase.  All prices are subject to VAT in line with EU rules on the sales of books and software on-line.

(These prices are based on exchange rates  on 20th August 2018).  Prices are shown ex-vat.

  • vMix Basic HD:  £48
  • vMix Full SD:     £120
  • vMix Full HD:    £285
  • vMix 4K:              £570
  • vMix PRO:          £980

If you wish to upgrade your existing vMix license, you will only need to pay the difference in price between the version you have now, and the version you wish to upgrade to.

For example:

  • Basic-HD to Full HD - £237
  • Full HD to 4K - £285
  • 4K to Pro - £410

(all prices are shown exclusive of VAT @ 20%).

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